Update guys! I managed to land a part-time job, really part time. As in, I’ll be lucky to get 30 hours a week. I’m happy though!!!

I never published this from April 10, 2016

Also, that job was shady as fuck. 


My Heart Hurts

My Heart Hurts

In the 30 years of my life, I have never had to deal with this from this side. I have been on the other. 

I joined a forum about a week ago, just so I could make a few internet friends with the same likes and interests. 

Well there was this one person I clicked with automatically. She was bubbly, silly and totally a goof. She is also suffering from depression. 
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Its been a busy busy few months!

Okay well I have been having a hell of a time finding work, and I couldn’t. I think if I lived in a bigger city, it wouldn’t be much of a problem. Anyways, I was able to secure financial aid and I enrolled in the Paralegal program at the community college. Yay me! I completed my first semester, and I got Bs all around. *bows* thank you, thank you. I also maybe/hopefully/finger crossed will get an interview for a job!!
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